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*the name META PROFILERTM is trademarked by Armani Beauty.


Imaging skin with 10 times the magnification of the human eye, the META PROFILERTM is a handheld device born from a high-performance laboratory technology used in more than 20 clinical studies to measure skincare efficacy with time.

This high-precision tool replicates precise clinical lab measurements thanks to its combination of 18 analytical LEDs and 3 capture modes:

  • Parallel polarized mode to capture wrinkles and texture
  • Cross polarized mode to capture pigmentation disorders & tone quality
  • 3D mode to capture smoothness and skin texture

Associated with a real-time hydration sensor and an algorithm built on more than 100.000 skin captures, the META PROFILERTM high-precision camera is able to measure more than 13 different clinical skin markers (such as wrinkles, dark spots, and redness).



The META PROFILERTM service is an in-store, 10-minute diagnostic consultation that analyzes the consumer’s skin in high precision for a tailor-made CREMA NERA routine and personalized Armani “Meta SculptTM” face treatment recommendation.

The consultation begins with a skin-capture phase: an Armani beauty Face Designer places the META PROFILERTM device on 4 specific facial zones to capture skin measurements in high precision: forehead, cheeks, crow’s feet, and pigmented areas.

Then, the consumer is presented with his/her skin vital force index, categorized into 4 skin criteria: structure, tone, balance, and texture. objectivize skin's potential to revive and protect against the aging process from a visible point of view.

Based on these results, the consumer will receive a tailor-made CREMA NERA product recommendation routine, associated with personalized gestures; The consumer may also book an in-store 45-minute “Meta SculptTM” facial protocol, a powerful massage service to stimulate & sculpt facial fascia.  

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