New Codes of Beauty

Creator Economy

Unleashing creative potential

Beauty seekers want a two-way authentic conversation, between brands and consumers, leading to a new beauty influence. 
This brings opportunities to foster intimate connections with our consumers, through human centric narrative. Here, L’Oréal co-creates with influencers offering edu-tainment, info-tainment & proof-tainment along the beauty journey.
We are collaborating with more than 60K influencers and 1,000s of prescribers and advocates for our brands, across skin-fluencers, beauty tok creators, med-influencers, glamers (gaming influencers) and hair-stylists.
L’Oréal is leading this new beauty influence, N°1 in advocated media with 29% of the share of beauty influence in 2023.

Meta & L’Oréal partner to shape new codes of beauty

There is a rising creator economy. Here, we are partnering with a new generation of Creaitech artists, who are redefining beauty experiences using A/R, V/R, and 3D tools. We are redefining beauty experiences for our brands with these creators to shape and co-create new codes of beauty.
Today L'Oréal Groupe and Meta unveil the New Codes of Beauty Creator Program to empower the next generation of 3D, AR, and AI creators and explore new creative frontiers in beauty. Our brands L'Oréal Paris, Lancôme, and La Roche-Posay are pioneering and embracing these new creative territories through collaborations with a squad of 30 creators adept at leveraging cutting-edge tools and techniques. Our goal is to unleash technological creativity in this new creator marketing era.
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