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Measuring and reducing CO2 emissions across our digital activities with the support from our partners

As the world’s fourth largest advertiser, L’Oréal is committed to lead and enable the industry to measure the CO2 emissions generated by our digital activities and to identify levers to reduce their environmental impact, in congruence with our global L'Oréal for the Future program.
Digital CO2 footprint is generated by the energy that is needed to store, transmit and stream videos and images. At L’Oréal, since 2021, we have been working with the industry on thought leadership and by collaborating with the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers - GARM) & Ad Net Zero in the development of a Sustainability Action Guide.  Furthermore, we have built strong partnerships across our full digital eco-system to make CO2 measurement and reduction a reality. These partners are: 
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AdGreen unites the advertising industry to reduce the environmental impacts of content production and enables the community to measure and reduce carbon emissions. AdGreen is supported by leading industry players, and key trade bodies representing advertisers, creative agencies, production companies and photographers. Their sustainability training, carbon calculator and reduction resources are offered free at the point of use for all those working in the industry.

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Together with IMPACT+, we can evaluate and reduce the GHG emissions across all our digital media activations, across social media, instream video and programmatic buying. With IMPACT+’s knowledge and expertise, we are able to activate levers and optimize our digital media campaigns for reduction in carbon emissions and monitor our progress by integrating IMPACT+’s new Environmental Sustainability Platform globally.



Fruggr is a greentech solution dedicated to reducing the digital impact and enhancing the performance of websites and web applications. The solution allows for a simple and automated evaluation of environmental and social impacts. Fruggr incorporates a powerful recommendation engine to activate improvement levers, supporting L’Oréal in reducing its impact by integrating best practices of sustainable digital technology and eco-design principles.

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