Earth Month Spotlight: Hairstylists for the Future

Empowering salons and stylists to operate with care for both people and planet.

Earth Month Spotlight: Hairstylists For the Future 

Styling hair with care for both people and planet. 

L’Oréal’s Professional Products Division (PPD) continues its commitment to sustainability with the Hairstylists for the Future program, an initiative that aims to empower our partner hairstylists to embrace sustainable practices in their workspaces and salons. 


Sustainable Solutions Across Waste, Water, and Energy 

In North America, the program focuses on three pillars: waste management, water conservation, and renewable energy adoption. Recognizing the diversity of waste management systems across the region, L’Oréal partners with organizations like Green Circle Salon and TAIS to provide tailored waste collection and recycling solutions for salons. 

By diverting salon waste from landfills, which includes natural materials like hair and any food scraps, these partnerships support a key target of L’Oréal for the Future to have 100% of waste generated in our sites recycled or reused by 2030.


Transitioning to Renewable Energy

To address energy consumption, PPD collaborates with community solar vendor Ampion to facilitate the transition to renewable energy for salons. According to Ampion, 75% of U.S. households are not eligible for rooftop solar panels due to strict property requirements. But through community solar programs, salons can access solar power generated locally, reducing both their environmental impact and energy costs. Switching to renewable energy can save each participating salon an average of 24% of their overall environmental impact.

With no sign-up fees and cost savings on electricity bills, this initiative aims to democratize renewable energy adoption among salon owners. Louis Baffet, a sustainability lead for PPD in North America, emphasizes the significance of community solar, stating, “With this partnership, salons can subscribe to a portion of solar power generated by a project in their local community that’s equivalent to their energy use.” PPD is currently piloting this program with 10 salons and all SalonCentric stores in participating states. It will then be progressively extended to all partner salons. 

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Pioneering Sustainability in Salon Operations

By providing innovative tools and solutions, L’Oréal aims to empower salon owners and stylists to operate more sustainably without compromising on performance. The Hairstylists For the Future program underscores L’Oréal's commitment to advancing sustainability across all touchpoints, driving positive change within the salon industry and beyond. 

For more information on L’Oréal's sustainability initiatives, visit L’Oréal for the Future



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