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Diversity and Inclusion at L'Oréal USA

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At L’Oréal USA we strive to be as diverse as the market we serve, and are committed to building the standard in inclusive beauty. This is nothing short of a business imperative.

As part of this effort, we have established a leadership strategy that engages the diversity of workforce and partners, and embodies our belief that Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation and Success®.

It is our goal to foster workplaces where all people of every ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age or disability--visible or invisible--feel welcomed and valued.

62% / 28%

Female/Male Gender Representation


LGBTQIA+ Representation


Disability Representation


BIPOC - Black Indeginous People of Color


Veterans Representation


Working Parents

Angela Guy, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, North America
“We believe in the power of diversity, and we acknowledge that when individuals feel included, productivity and innovation increases. Belonging completes the circle when individuals feel that their diversity is valued; they feel appreciated and their voices are heard.”

Angela Guy

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, North America

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