Abuse is Not Love: YSL Beauty’s Stand Against Intimate Partner Violence

By 2030, YSL Beauté's goal is to educate two million people around the world about intimate partner violence, in partnership with local NGOs.

Women's freedom has always been at the heart of the house; their freedom to be who they want, to think what they want, and to express their opinions. Yet, violence within the couple now threatens this freedom and their safety. It is still all too common for abusive behaviour to be wrongly justified by "love".


"One in three women will experience intimate partner abuse in their lifetime."

Source: World Health Organization

Intimate partner violence: what is it?

Whether physical, psychological, economic or cyber, domestic violence has countless faces but one thing in common: the desire to exert control in the context of an intimate relationship, present or past.Research shows that this violence can come with significant warning signs. Detecting these signs early is the key to reacting and being able to help.Since launching its Love Without Abuse program in 2020, YSL Beauty has made a significant impact by raising awareness of abusive relationships among more than 100,000 young people and supporting local organizations.

The brand focuses on young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are among those vulnerable to intimate partner violence. Building on the initiatives launched last year, Love Without Abusing is now taking the next step, including forging new partnerships with NGOs in 17 countries and on four continents. The brand is also launching a new online training tool to provide resources and support for those in abusive relationships, as well as tools for those who want to become allies.

How to Identify the Signs of an Abusive Romantic Relationship?

It's not loving... 9 warning signs to identify an abusive relationship:


IPV: who can I talk to?

If you need immediate assistance in your country, please consult the UN’s list of domestic violence helplines:


Domestic violence is a major social issue  

Whether verbal or physical, domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of their social milieu, nationality, or culture. But it still primarily impacts women, who make up 88% of victims in France.

This appalling situation prompted YSL Beauty to engage in a program of awareness-raising and education to end domestic violence, partnering with non-profit organizations from 17 countries.

Our engagement in figures:


people trained worldwide on the warning signs of abuse, of which 4716 are loreal employees


countries onboarded with local grassroots organizations


research paper published in the Harvard Business Review

By 2030, YSL Beauty aims to educate and support two million people to recognize the signs of IPV. YSL Beauty is committed to doing everything possible to give women their independence. To give a voice to those that have been silenced.

Let’s spread the word: Abuse is not Love. 


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