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L’Oréal Hong Kong Unveils New Sustainability Goals

L’Oréal Hong Kong today announced new sustainability targets for its local office and retail operations in line with the Group’s global sustainability ambitions of L’Oréal for the Future.

L'Oréal Hong Kong contributes to waste reduction

L’Oréal Hong Kong and its brands recently donated proceeds from in-store paper shopping bags to three local NGOs, including the WWF Hong Kong’s Plastic is Not Fantastic Scheme, the Friends of the Earth Regenerative Partnership Scheme 2019 and The Conservancy Association.

L’Oréal Hong Kong Office achieves 100% Green Electricity

L’Oréal Hong Kong’s office has achieved its progressive goal of operating on 100% green electricity in 2020. The office worked with Hong Kong Electric to secure sufficient Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) units to cover its daily electricity consumption.

L'Oréal Group Hong Kong SAR Articles Commitment (Eng)

L’Oréal is committed to diversity and inclusion in society through helping people in difficult social or economic situations find employment. L’Oréal Hong Kong’s long-term partnership with Hong Chi Association, the largest NGO in Hong Kong focusing on the needs of those with intellectual disabilities, is a clear demonstration of such commitment.
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L’Oréal Hong Kong Raises Funds for Hong Kong Cancer Fund under “Movember”

L’Oréal Hong Kong Raises Funds for Hong Kong Cancer Fund under “Movember”