L’Oréal Hong Kong Contributes to Collective Efforts in Waste Reduction at Shops

The proceeds from in-store paper shopping bags were donated to three local NGOs.

Today, many consumers share the commitment to minimize environmental impact by carry their own bags when shopping. But there are times when we might need to pay for one at the store.

L’Oréal Hong Kong and its brands recently donated proceeds from in-store paper shopping bags to three local NGOs, including the WWF Hong Kong’s “Plastic is Not Fantastic Scheme” , the Friends of the Earth “Regenerative Partnership Scheme 2019” and The Conservancy Association. Relevant funding will be used to support these NGOs’ work under the shared goal of L’Oréal to create a future centered around values of sustainability, fighting climate change, preserving water, respecting biodiversity and preventing any deforestation.

L’Oréal recognized for global leadership in sustainability

L’Oréal has been recognized for four consecutive years as a world leader in sustainability by CDP, a global non-profit organization formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, for our actions aimed at tackling climate change, deforestation and water security.

As a signatory of the Science Based Targets (SBTs) initiative to comply with the Paris agreement, L’Oréal has also committed to leadership in the sustainable economy by reducing its CO2 emissions by 25% in absolute terms by 2030.

By 2025, all L’Oréal sites will be carbon neutral. As of 2018, 38 of the Group’s sites had achieved carbon neutrality, including 12 plants.

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