L’Oréal Hong Kong Office Achieves 100% Green Electricity

Our Hong Kong office is operating on 100% green electricity in 2020.

L’Oréal Hong Kong’s office has achieved its progressive goal of operating on 100% green electricity in 2020. The office worked with Hong Kong Electric to secure sufficient Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) units to cover its daily electricity consumption.

The Hong Kong office has secured 900k kWh of electricity through Hong Kong Electric’s Smart Power Services using local renewable sources from wind and solar photovoltaic installations.

The office had already achieved a 30% energy reduction in 2019 over 2016 by implementing LED lighting, day-and-night motion sensors, timers and energy saving reminders and earned a LEED Gold Green Building Certification.

This achievement is also the result of efforts by all of our Hong Kong colleagues in delivering L’Oréal’s “Sharing Beauty With All” commitment by taking daily actions to keep the office’s energy consumption within 900k kWh. These actions include:

  • Switching off computer monitors and other electronic equipment when leaving the workplace
  • Switching off display monitors when leaving meeting rooms
  • Arranging for the last person to leave the workplace to switch off the main power source

The Bigger, Greener Picture

Reducing carbon footprint and adopting renewable energy are critical cornerstones in L’Oréal’s commitment to fighting climate change at all levels of the company. As a signatory of the Science Based Targets (SBTs) initiative to comply with the Paris agreement, L’Oréal pledged to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% in absolute terms by 2030.

By 2025, all L’Oréal sites will be carbon neutral. As of 2018, 38 of the Group’s sites had achieved carbon neutrality, including 12 plants.

An Equal Commitment to Transparency

Hong Kong Electric’s REC mechanism is verified annually by a third-party auditor. The public will be able to check L’Oreal’s REC validity via the REC Information Inquiry on the Hong Kong Electric website.

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