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At L'Oréal, everyone has their part to play. Your ideas are not only heard but valued, too.  
Whatever your mission, you will make a tangible difference by turning values into action. Our goal? To make Beauty accessible to all, by all. 
By embracing diversity, sustainability, innovation and well-being in the workplace, we lay the groundwork for you to achieve great things!  
Can you imagine your life at L’Oréal? Discover what working for the #1 Beauty Tech company looks like.

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What’s Beauty to you?


Beauty is your innovation, originality; and drive.
Beauty is what makes you, you.

Discovering a product that heals burns? That’s beauty.
Pushing the boundaries on your new project? That’s beauty too.
The freedom to go beyond? That’s the beauty of L’Oréal. 


Would you like us to show you how you can make the difference?

Joining L’Oréal means being willing to influence the shapes and definitions of Beauty in the world: diverse, deep-rooted and always changing. With our teams on board, Beauty is becoming tech-based today.

What will come next? You can decide with us. But above all, it means joining a team of talented and inspiring people.

Wonder what our culture is like? Well, we define success as making a positive, conscious impact.

At L’Oréal, you will be encouraged to think and act beyond your job. We push boundaries and move fast globally to stay ahead of the game. Your job will be your own innovation playground.
We encourage different points of view. What sets you apart is what makes you great!

You will always have the space to question, express, agree and disagree. We unleash everyone’s potential. Here, learning opportunities are endless.
You will build your own unique path. We believe in the impact of great mentors. You will be inspired by people you won’t ever want to forget.





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L’Oréal’s agility depends on the quality and diversity of our employees.
Human Relations at L’Oréal is first and foremost about our steadfast conviction that our employees have always made, and will continue to make, the difference. Maintaining a relationship based on trust and respect, and encouraging a management style that leaves room for initiative, cooperation and personal development; these are the cornerstones of successful Human Relations. With the Group’s transformation towards Beauty Tech, it needs to recruit a growing number of people with hybrid profiles and skills that are ever more diverse. L’Oréal also acts in line with its conviction that a policy that promotes diversity and inclusion enables everyone – regardless of their gender, ethnic origins or background – to give their best within the company. 

Jean-Claude Le Grand

Executive Vice-President Human Relations