Share & Care

A global social innovation program rooted in its time

In 2013, the launch of the "Share & Care" program represented a major acceleration in line with the Group's tradition of social innovation. Its initial goal? To establish a common base of social protection for all employees worldwide and position L'Oréal among the most innovative companies in each market. This program has helped to create a respectful work environment that is committed to meeting employees' expectations at every key moment of their lives.

The "Share & Care" program is structured around 4 pillars: physical and mental health, financial protection (life and disability insurance), work/life balance and the work environment.

At a time when the world is experiencing upheavals that challenge both individual and collective expectations, L'Oréal's social innovation policy is demonstrating its worth. It is based on principles in line with current issues:

  • The fundamental nature of occupational health - whether physical or mental - which goes hand in hand with the need to give work meaning; 
  • The importance of social protection whether in the form of insurance or social benefits. This is a key element for all employees, guaranteeing them safety and peace of mind;
  • The issue of work/life balance and all the resulting aspirations linked to the new vision of the working world, its new models (teleworking, flextime), parenthood, etc.;
  • And finally, the importance of work environments that must continue to reinvent themselves to offer an inclusive framework in line with new ways of working (dynamic layout of spaces according to the type of activity: collaboration, creativity, reflection...).