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Share & Care: How You Take Care of Your Employees is What Makes a Company Great

Guaranteeing a common social benefits frame for L’Oréal employees through our Share & Care Program

In 2012, the creation of the "Share & Care" program represented a major acceleration in line with the Group's tradition of social innovation. It was created with the strong commitment to ensure that all L’Oréal employees around the world, no matter in what country they work, have access to the best social protection, healthcare coverage and wellbeing at work, and to position L'Oréal among the most innovative companies in each market.

Share & Care provides a wide common benefits frame to L’Oréal employees organized around four key pillars: Protection, Health, Balance, and Workplace.

Discover the Share & Care Program

In 2021, Share & Care evolves to stay in tune with the present times, committed to meet employees' needs and expectations at every key moment of their life in a fast-changing world and putting a special emphasis on Health and the New Ways of Working.
Share & Care program recognizes the relevance of social innovation at L’Oréal, based on principles in line with current issues:

1) PROTECTION: Providing social protection to our employees

Considering social protection whether in the form of insurance, social benefits, or financial support in the event of unexpected life events, providing employees with a sense of security for themselves and their families.

2) HEALTH: Optimizing the level of well-being of our employees

Going beyond physical health. Because being healthy is not only a question of physical health, but also of mental health. We have introduced the "Personal Ecology" concept, where, in a proactive way, each employee can optimize their level of well-being.

3) BALANCE: More flexibility to meet with new ways of working

The issue of work/life balance and all the resulting aspirations linked to the new vision of the working world, its new models (teleworking, flextime), parenthood, etc. Therefore, extending flexibility in working organization and considering new ways of working to answer the collective need of working differently, in a more agile and flexible way.

4) WORKPLACE: Improving the working experience through better workspaces

The importance of work environments that must continue to reinvent themselves to offer an inclusive framework in line with new ways of working (dynamic layout of spaces according to the type of activity: collaboration, creativity, agility, and efficiency). Elevate our Workspaces to the highest level to offer every employee a fulfilling work experience in the office.

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