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Passion & Purpose Episode 1, Claudio
Settimo Torinese, Italy
My love of nature comes from my father and my grandfather.
This link with nature has been passed on
from generation to generation.
My grandfather farmed the land where L’Oréal is today.
So I have a very strong connection with this land.
It’s very important for me to preserve it.
I have been working at L’Oréal for over 25 years.
Today, I am the environmental director of our plant in Settimo.
I have always loved to imagine and create new things.
That’s why I became an engineer.
Moreover, what I immediately enjoyed at L’Oréal,
was the ability to test, to innovate, to take initiatives.
I can have a real impact.
At Settimo, we have been working for years
to make the plant more sustainable.
We installed 14,000 photovoltaic panels,
on the roof of the plant, or the equivalent of 7 football pitches.
For energy, we also have a biomass plant
which uses agricultural byproducts
produced within a 40km radius of the plant.
Since 2015, our plant produces zero CO2 emissions.
Another of our ambitions is optimizing water usage.
For years, we have been trying to reduce consumption for all uses.
We improved the purification system to obtain a closed circuit.
It was a huge job that took a lot of work.
Last year,
our factory became one of the first dry factories of the Group.
This year, we managed to save 38 million liters of water.
This is the average amount of water an Italian uses over the course
of around 500 years.
And we make some of this purified water available
to the district heating company,
which in turn heats thousands of homes.
At the start, every project is a dream.
There is no set formula.
I work with my colleague Gianfranco to imagine new prototypes.
We test new technologies,
with a whole phase of learning and experimentation.
Every day, I want to go further and help others.
And, just as my father did,
I want to pass on my love of nature to my children.

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