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Commitments | Human Relations


Discover Shashank’s inspiring journey from a reluctant engineering student to a passionate aspiring product manager. Although he initially disliked engineering, financial constraints and self-doubt prevented him from changing his career path. Today, Shashank is interning to become a product manager, and he absolutely loves it. His success story is a testament to the people who supported his career transition. “Buddy for Study,” an Indian NGO, helped him apply to the L’Oréal for Youth program, a life-changing opportunity.
Commitments | Human Relations


Meet Said, a determined young man from Oman who overcame hearing impairment. Despite facing doubters who questioned his future, Said proudly holds an international business degree, earned a scholarship to study in Germany, and pursued his passion for digital marketing through internships with multinational groups. Said’s journey was transformed by the unwavering support of his family, professors, and his network at L’Oréal in Dubai who played a pivotal role as well.
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