L’Oréal signs up to new commitments on universal employee benefits in 2017

Share & Care is a program designed to build a basic set of benefits for all L’Oréal employees, which are then supplemented by local initiatives. First established in late 2013, the successful program is being stepped up in 2017.

Share and Care 2017

Universal employee benefits in 67 countries

After taking the initiative to roll out a planet-wide employee benefits program, the L’Oréal Group has already implemented and deployed Share & Care in 67 countries. The idea is to have a core set of benefits for all Group employees in every subsidiary. Must-have components are organised around four main areas: welfare, parenthood, health and workplace quality of life. By 2016, all 67 subsidiaries were meeting 100% of the Group’s targets. Young mothers get a minimum of 14 weeks’ maternity leave and their partner gets three days, although the stated aim is to raise this to ten. The Group meets 75% of healthcare costs for major medical treatments, with guaranteed access to the best practitioners. To enhance workplace quality of life, the Group has introduced a battery of measures to relieve stress, promote collaborative work and make it easier to work out of the office. Nowhere is this truer than in the UK, where the Smart Work Program lets employees decide where, when and how they want to work.

Initiatives tailored to local needs

But the core benefits offered by the Group are merely one part of the Share & Care program. L’Oréal wants these benefits to be rounded out by local initiatives. Around 100 subsidiary-led initiatives have already been introduced, including medical check-ups for employees’ children in Peru and a maternity room in Dubai. The local subsidiary in Pakistan is footing the medical bills of employees’ parents. All of these projects are being taken forward under the umbrella of the Share & Care program, which is designed to improve workplace quality of life for Group employees. This is a unifying theme, as Françoise Schoenberger, Social Relations Director at L’Oréal with responsibility for Share & Care, points out: “The universal nature of health issues, coupled with collective implementation of the programme, meant that we could get everyone onboard without too many legal difficulties or cultural stumbling blocks.”

Making new commitments to be a responsible employer in 2017

The program is being monitored by an Advisory Board that includes experts from the International Labour Organization, with which L’Oréal collaborates on a regular basis. The Group is a founding member of the Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors set up by the ILO in October 2015. In 2017, L’Oréal shouldered the task of building a domestic French version of the business network, which is working to promote improved social protection. L’Oréal’s efforts to be a responsible employer do not stop there, however. In 2017, the Group is taking its Share & Care programme to the next level with new commitments to employees, which include expanding welfare mechanisms and enhancing flexwork systems. Jérôme Tixier, L’Oréal’s head of HR, puts it this way: “With these new measures, we want to consolidate our position as one of the companies that looks after its employees best, wherever they are in the world. We want to do more in terms of parental leave and workplace quality of life, which are increasingly important expectations among our workforce.”

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Over the past five years, L’Oréal has carried out dozens of initiatives to help provide employees with solid social guarantees. These initiatives are the work of the L'Oréal Share & Care program, which has positioned the Group today as a leading employer in terms of social protection in each of its markets.