Hairstylists For The Future: L’Oréal’s Programme For Hair Professionals In Salons

Water, energy, and waste: the three keys to sustainable salons

For many years, the Professional Products Division has been focusing on our sustainable transformation with initiatives to improve our production, packaging and transportation. Today, the Division is going even further with the launch of the Hairstylists for the Future. This initiative will continue to transform the hairstyling industry and engage all hairstylists in the sustainable transition.

The programme was designed in partnership with hair professionals and aims to ensure that salons manage water and waste sustainability, reduce energy consumption, and use recycled and recyclable product packaging. This is how Hairstylists for the Future is building a greener future for hairdressing!

Supporting hair professionals by providing them with innovative products

Your stylist’s job is to look after you and your hair and enable you to achieve your own vision of beauty. L’Oréal’s Professional Products Division is constantly supporting hair professionals in this role by providing them with innovative products created by the Group’s research laboratories and by leading a community based around sharing knowledge and experience.

The Professional Products Division is now going even further in its support with Hairstylists for the Future, which accompany salons to take their environmental commitments to the next level.

Hairstylists for the Future, the pursuit of a sustainable journey

For over a decade, the Professional Products Division has been working to reduce the footprint of its products and manufacturing methods.
This investment for the planet is paying off:


of the plastic used by the division’s products is recycled


of products are manufactured in “waterloop” factories, where all of the water used for industrial processes is cleaned and recycled in a closed loop on site so that it can be used again


of products are manufactured in carbon-neutral factories

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Taking initiatives through our Division's products

  • L’Oréal Professionnel Paris: packaging for the new Majirel hair color products features a recycled plastic cap, which saves 7 tons of plastic per year, while individual polybags are no longer used, saving 20 tons.

  • Kérastase: 100% recycled plastic used to build eco-designed back bar sinks.

  • Redken: 142 Redken products have been awarded highly-esteemed Cradle to Cradle Product Certifications, a globally recognized, preferred product sustainability certification
  • Matrix: 100% of shampoo and conditioner bottles in the US are made of recycled plastic

Following the 2020 launch of L’Oréal for the Future, the Group’s ambitious program of social and environmental commitments for 2030, the Professional Products Division is now stepping up its action with Hairstylists for the Future.

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Sustainable commitments designed for and with hairstylists

The initiative is based on commitments that are important to the Division, salon professionals and their customers.

To determine these commitments, the Professional Products Division talked with professional stylists to identify their expectations and needs and imagine what the sustainable salon of the future might look like. The Division always kept in mind the shared goals of providing continued care for salon customers while lessening the environmental impact of hair salons.

Taking action to lessen the environmental impact of hair salons

The goals of Hairstylists for the Future already include many initiatives and innovations.

Reduce water consumption in salons

• With the Gjosa Showerhead, an innovative device that reduces water consumption by 65% while delivering precise amounts of the necessary products.

Harness green energy

• By offering products manufactured in carbon-neutral factories.
• By developing sustainable product transport and delivery solutions like the Green Last Mile program, which ensures that deliveries over short distances are done using zero-emission vehicles such as bicycles.

Manage waste

• By establishing a global management and recycling policy for all waste, even hair, which is sent to farms to be used as a natural fertilizer.
• By providing stylists with recycled or recyclable product packaging.

Thanks to these solutions and Hairstylists for the Future, the Professional Products Division is empowering stylists to create the beauty that moves the world.

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