India : Inclusive Recycling

As part of its sustainable development programme Sharing Beauty With All, L'Oréal has become involved in an innovative and inclusive recycling initiative in India.

In line with its intention to share beauty with all people, L'Oréal has set the objective of enabling more than 100,000 people from underprivileged communities to access work by 2020. To this end, the Group has implemented a number of inclusive programs, including a waste recycling project in the city of Mumbai.

In India, many everyday products are sold in single-dose packets, most being made of plastic. As this country’s recycling systems are not yet well developed, this packaging is often discarded rather than recycled, which results in considerable harm to the environment.

This issue was the stimulus for L’Oréal’s waste-recycling project, developed in partnership with the Indian cosmetics industry and a waste-pickers’ association. A team of 200 women from Mumbai joined forces to recover approximately 540 tonnes of this packaging in 13 Mumbai neighbourhoods, with the waste ultimately being transformed into a fuel source. This initiative will gradually be extended to all districts of Mumbai and even to other parts of India.


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