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A 360° Immersion in the Art and Science of Premium Skincare Manufacturing – Come Behind the Scenes of our Piscataway Plant in the United States

Have you ever found yourself wondering what goes on inside a beauty manufacturing plant? Why skincare should be produced under increasingly rigorous hygiene standards? Are you curious why our L’Oréal plants have internal norms that go far beyond external regulations, and a unique quality management system covering each step of production? Well, here is a chance to come and see! Discover the 360° “behind the scenes” tour of the Piscataway plant, our premium skincare manufacturing facility in the United States.

We invite you to meet our team of skincare manufacturing experts, watch your favorite bottle of SkinCeuticals serum in production and down our specialized dropper line. You will be able to learn about some of the 100 quality controls we perform on each of our products, to discover our collaborative robots (aka “co-bots”), and our state-of-the art processes. In our washrooms, in our labs or on the lines, you will encounter women and men who are passionate about creating products that are as safe as they are efficacious.

At L’Oréal, providing transparent information on our products is a responsibility we take very seriously. We want to empower our consumers with the information they need to make educated choices that align with their values and priorities.


Let the Piscataway team tell you more about the growing importance of hygiene standards in skincare manufacturing, how it connects to the plant’s advanced technologies, and approach to sustainability. As customers increasingly desire more natural cosmetic products with less preservatives, L’Oréal is committed to meeting their needs. Our manufacturing standards of excellence allow us to create safe and efficacious products without an over-reliance on preservatives. In this 'behind-the-scenes', you will discover our production hallmarks—a hygienic environment and some of the 100+ quality checks that verify safety and quality throughout our production process.


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