A Shared Culture

At L’Oréal, quality is everyone’s business. Providing consumers with products of the finest quality is a priority that engages every single business unit. From operators to plant managers, from employees to brand directors, from scientists to experts, every employee has a role to play as a guardian of the quality offered to consumers. In short, quality is a culture shared by everyone, everywhere. Here is what some of our people say on the topic.

"What do I do everyday? Build relationships with our suppliers and choose the right partners, who comply with our quality requirements so that we can foster the best of outside innovations at L’Oréal."

Barbara P.

L’Oréal Buyer

"It’s fascinating to get feedback from consumers on social media and e-commerce websites. We use it to improve the quality of existing products and better anticipate the design of future launches."

Mark G.

VP L’Oréal Industrial Quality

"What I like best in my work is the team spirit. We all support each other. Even after 25 years, I am still just as excited to come to work every day and make great products for consumers and families."

Anne-Marie B.

Operator at L’Oréal Rambouillet plant, France

"Designing a shampoo is a team effort involving the joint expertise from laboratories, packaging engineers, fragrance specialists, marketing teams and suppliers. Together, we provide consumers with a new way to look after themselves." 

Camille M.

Marketing Director of Haircare & Styling, L’Oréal Paris

"The satisfaction of a job well done is what drives me day in day out, as we seek to enhance performances while providing consumers with the assurance that our products are totally safe."

Gaël M.

Microbiology Laboratory Manager, L’Oréal

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