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L’Oréal Canada is proud to distinguish itself as one of the best employers in Montreal in 2024, for a 19th consecutive year.

By announcing the companies that won the title of Montreal's Best Employers for February on February 27, Mediacorp Canada Inc., highlighted that the organizations chosen for this year's list also think creatively about improving the quality-of-life employees. Winners go beyond simple financial rewards for a job well done and instead provide experiences that enrich employees' lives and can stay with them for years to come.

This clearly demonstrates L’Oréal Canada’s commitment to doing everything possible to support and optimize the level of well-being of its employees.

The success of L'Oréal Canada is based on the talent and passion of its teams, and we make it a point of honor to create exceptional workplaces that combine well-being, balance and performance and to offer experiences that leave memories for life.

Within environmentally friendly infrastructures, employees work in spaces equipped with the latest technologies and offer numerous services to simplify their daily lives.

We support the concept of personal ecology by promoting innovation, collaboration, and development to allow everyone to express all the riches of their unique personality.

L’Oréal Canada is proud to thrive in Montreal, which is more vibrant, dynamic, and avant-garde than ever. With its warm European touch, its multicultural side and its leadership in artificial intelligence, Montreal is an essential innovation hub.

Finally, when announcing the results, Mediacorp Canada Inc. highlighted L'Oréal Canada's actions in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as the development of its employees which is central to driving performance.

To learn more about this distinction and find out the reasons why L'Oréal Canada was recognized as one of the best employers in Montreal, visit:

Montreal's Top Employers 2024 L'Oréal Canada

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