Biotherm Launches a New Brand-wide Sustainability Commitment to Become Ocean Positive by 2030

Striving to have a positive impact on the oceans

Biotherm is dedicating itself to Blue Beauty – beauty that comes from water and gives back to it. To go beyond reducing its environmental footprint and with the ambition of having a positive impact on the oceans, the skincare brand is gearing itself up to meet the sustainability challenges of the next decade. Find out how Biotherm is planning to become Ocean Positive by 2030.

Biotherm, Skincare Powered by Bioscience

Water is at the heart of Biotherm’s DNA. Born in 1952 with the discovery of thermal plankton in the French Pyrenees, raised in Monaco and nurtured by the bioscience expertise of its founder, Jeanine Marissal, the brand amplifies the power of nature to create premium skincare that is more natural, more potent, and more sustainable.

Since 2012, Biotherm has been actively participating in protecting the oceans through the Water Lovers program. This sustainability program aims to create a better future for the oceans by collaborating with outside experts & NGO partners. Biotherm is also empowering a global community of Water Lovers to support the UN’s 30x30 Initiative – an ambitious international project to officially preserve 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 and protect the Earth’s biodiversity in the face of climate change.

“In 2022, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Water Lovers sustainability program. We are proud of our achievements and the ways that we have innovated to reduce our environmental footprint. But we need to do more. We are building a roadmap towards becoming a regenerative beauty brand by 2030, leaving our oceans in better shape than we found them in. We call this becoming Ocean Positive.”

Gregory Benoit Biotherm Global Brand President

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Supporting a better future for the oceans

Biotherm embraces a global sustainability approach across its entire value chain, from sourcing to product formulation to packaging and retail. High-performing renewable ingredients are used to create skincare formulas that are effective on skin and gentler on the planet. By drawing on the brand’s expertise in bioscience, Biotherm crafts its formulas to be more respectful of marine and aquatic life, from sourcing ingredients right through to end of life. The brand is also innovating to introduce more circular economy principles, incorporating more recycled materials in packaging and introducing disruptive consumer experiences such as refillable and rechargeable products, for example.

Biotherm wants to go further and to give back more to the oceans than it takes by becoming Ocean Positive by 2030. To achieve this ambitious goal, Biotherm’s approach addresses ways to improve the brand’s environmental footprint by reducing the impact of its formulas and packaging, while striving to create a net positive impact on the oceans and the planet by bringing together a larger community of Water Lovers and NGOs to drive forward positive change across the world.


Biotherm’s Ocean Positive methodology

Biotherm’s Ocean Positive methodology is based on three key action areas:

  • More Bioscience Formulas: by 2030, 95% of Biotherm’s ingredients will be biobased* and 100% of Biotherm’s skincare formulas will be more respectful of aquatic life;
  • More Sustainable Design Solutions: by 2030, Biotherm will reduce its carbon footprint per packaging by over 30% and all packaging will be 100% plastic circular;
  • More Global Water Lovers: since 2012, Biotherm has contributed to protecting over 17 million km² of at-risk marine areas by partnering with the NGO Mission Blue. By 2030, the brand commits to go even further and to educate over 3 million people about ocean preservation.


* According to ISO 16 128, a raw material is considered to be biobased when more than 50% of the carbons it contains are of plant origin.
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