L’Oréal supports UP FOR THE PLANET

UP FOR THE PLANET is a project started by the Global Positive Forum that aims to improve the lives of future generations.

L’Oréal is a partner of the Global Positive Forum, where the group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jean- Paul Agon, spoke last September.
Continuing the partnership, L’Oréal is supporting UP FOR THE PLANET, a project launched by the Global Positive Forum and the Positive Planet Foundation with the ambition of facilitating a truly global discussion on how to improve the lives of future generations. The aim of this crowdsourcing platform is to gather practical ideas on how to make the world a better place in 2040 and beyond through online deliberation and discussion.

How to get involved

It’s simple. Head to http://www.upfortheplanet.org to contribute to the unique global conversation.
Share your ideas on the three big topics for a positive world: preserving the environment, improving living conditions for all and putting the economy at the service of future generations.
You can contribute to the discussion by submitting an idea, voting, commenting or refining others proposals.

A global discussion

Using an unprecedented approach, the platform ensures that anyone can join the global conversation. In doing so, the project hopes to encourage each and every citizen around the world to get involved. According to Jacques Attali, President of the Positive Planet Foundation, the initiative wants to gather “ideas from people all around the world, of all ages, genders and social conditions”. As Jacques Attali notes, “new technologies have now made it possible to launch this truly global conversation”, resulting in a truly inclusive project.
The objective is not just to engage and bring about collective action. Here, the aim is to make the whole collective a force for proposition.  Once all ideas have been collected, 20 proposals will emerge and be refined with the help of three groups of experts, working across the three big topics.  L’Oréal experts are participating in each of the working groups focused on the environment, living conditions and the economy.

20 concrete proposals shared with G20 leaders

Once the proposals have been reworked, the objective is to spur G20 leaders into action by presenting them with 20 tangible and concrete proposals. Feeding a broad debate and supported by as many citizens as possible, the proposals will be published in a written report online.
In autumn 2018 these proposals will be presented to the President of the French Republic. The proposals will then be unveiled to world leaders gathered during the G20 summit, which is taking place in Argentina in November as well as being presented at the second Global Positive Forum.
There is still time to get involved and to make your voice heard.
By joining this unique consultation for citizens, you are only a few clicks away from speaking to the G20. Are you UP FOR THE PLANET?

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