L'Oréal Groupe joins the TRASCE consortium

Leading the charge in enhancing traceability within the cosmetics industry.

Paris, France, January 23, 2024

A consortium of 15 cosmetics industry companies* including L'Oréal Groupe announced that they have joined forces to create the TRaceability Alliance for Sustainable CosmEtics (TRASCE) to enhance traceability in key ingredient and packaging supply chains across the industry.

Tracing supply chains, an opportunity to advance sustainability at scale

The cosmetics industry consists of numerous complex and multi-tiered supply chains. Gaining deeper  knowledge of the sector’s supply chains has become essential to better understand and mitigate risks, enhance resiliency, and improve environmental and social sustainability.The unprecedented health, climatic and geopolitical events of recent years, have been revealing that complexity, causing supply chains disruptions.

In addition, local and international regulations are becoming increasingly more stringent.In light of this, it has become essential to better understand the sector’s supply chains, mitigate the associated risks and support their transition towards a more sustainable and resilient model. 

Enabling collective intelligence around traceability approaches in the cosmetics sector

While different individual traceability initiatives have emerged in recent years, the TRASCE consortium was formed to address traceability at scale. The founding members have committed to working  collectively to map their supply chains across the entire value chain on a common digital platform,  Transparency-One, an ISN Company. In the long-term the consortium aims to develop a collective approach to the risk analysis of social and environmental risks in supply chains, to interpret the data collected and define common progress plans.

In this respect, TRASCE will help respond to three fundamental challenges for the industry bystrengthening the collective understanding of the cosmetics industry supply chains, assessing the related social and environmental risks and determining the necessary actions to support suppliers in their transition. 

Transparency-One, a reference partner to deploy this ambitious project

Ingredients or components used, origins, supplier activities and places of transformation, names of suppliers: the Transparency-One platform guarantees each supplier the ownership, security and confidentiality of the data they share. Transparency-One has proven itself in other sectors of activity, such as the food and automotive industries, with the deployment of large-scale traceability approaches.

Hero trasce

“Acting collectively is always the strongest way to gain in efficiency and power of action in the field. That is the reason why the coalition will allow us to improve our in-depth knowledge of our supply chains with all our suppliers, and thus engage our ecosystem towards a more responsible world.”

Séverine Thery-Cavé, Direct Purchasing Director at L’Oréal Groupe

* this industry alliance, bringing together Albéa, CHANEL, Clarins, Cosfibel powered by GPA Global, Dior, The Estée Lauder Companies, L’Occitane en Provence, L’Oréal Groupe, Merck, Neyret, Nuxe, Pochet Group, Sensient, Shiseido and Sisley, aims to enhance the sustainable transformation of the sector. The FEBEA (Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté) also supports the project as an official sponsor
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