Passion, Emotion and Competition at the “L’Oréal World Cup”

For the 15th edition of the “L’Oréal World Cup,” employees from all over the world came together to cheer on their national teams. It was an opportunity to unite our company’s different teams and to create special memories. Here is a replay of this extraordinary event.

The 28th and 29th of June, 14 national teams competed for victory in two disciplines: volleyball and soccer. It was a delightful moment for the 300 employees who participated, a time of bonding, laughter, unity and emotion. Some employees shared their experiences: 

What I loved about the L’Oréal World Cup was the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to have fun, to celebrate… but above all, to share my passion for sports with other people. We’d like to thank L’Oréal Russia for having hosted us here and for having organized such a wonderful event” said German, hailing from the Spanish team.

An Event That Promotes Shared Values

For Rana from L’Oréal Middle East, the event was, above all, a moment of sharing common values. “For me, it’s not just the sports, it’s all about the connection with everyone and I can speak for my team when I tell you that we love coming here, we wait for it and we practice the whole year for this moment so it's much more than just the world cup, it's the L’Oréal World Cup.” And if you ask her how is her team like, she answers: “My team is very passionate. We come from everywhere. Our team has no less than seven different nationalities! We all share however the same love for the game, for L’Oréal and for being here and connecting with everybody. We love the vibe; it gets very emotional sometimes, we get competitive and passionate but we always get along and make it happen.”

Vesna, from the Adria Balkan team, was participating for the seventh time, noting: “I still feel the same excitement I felt the first time”. Next year, her country will host the 16th edition of the competition, which she hopes will be the best yet. “We are going to welcome the – I hope – biggest number of participants ever.”

At the end of the two days, it was the Russian and Italian teams who lifted the trophies. The other teams are already ready for their retribution in Belgrade in 2020!

Find photos of the event on social media under the hashtag #WeAreLoreal.

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