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L'Oréal BEST Warsaw

The GBS solution at L'Oréal

BEST is the abbreviation from
Business Expertise Services & Technologies


We are the part of the GBS structure of 6 BESTs and are responsible for Accounting, Treasury and Finance Controlling activities for 15 Eastern Europe Countries.

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In our BEST we have 5 Service Lines,


plus DEx as supporting team:

  • P2P : Purchase-to-Pay

  • R2R : Record-to-Report

  • C2A : Cash-to-Accounting

  • Treasury 

  • Controlling

  • DEx : Delivery Excellence

Mission statement of BEST service lines


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“At BEST P2P, we provide prompt invoice-to-payment services, making the best of technologies, with the right controls to ensure suppliers are paid on time.

We are reliable business partners, understanding business specifics, providing fact-based insights, for a greater vendor experience.”


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“At BEST C2A, we provide high quality transactional and digital accounting services to ensure that all cash-in and cash-out operations are controlled and recorded with accuracy in financial statements.

We build on our accounting expertise, our digital skills and our business acumen to deliver a seamless service.“


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“At BEST R2R, we provide reliable financial & tax reports on due time, processing and analysing financial data to enable better business decision making.

We are advisors to the business on accounting rules and compliance, leveraging technical expertise and interpersonal skills to deliver “to-the-point” recommendations.”


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Period Closing Reporting Production
Finance Master Data Mgt


“At BEST Period Closing, Reporting, Finance Master Data Management, we provide efficient period closing services, deliver state-of-the-art reporting books on time and guarantee robust Finance master data to enable better decision making.

We are catalyst of finance processes value, ensuring quality, harmonization and speed of delivery,leveraging technical and Finance systems expertise.”


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Cash Management


“At BEST Treasury - Cash Management, we ensure security on cash and deliver accurate forecasts leading to high financial income.

We partner with the business to deliver a seamless customer journey at the time of collection. We constantly innovate to shorten the supplier payment cycle.”


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Risk Management


“At BEST Treasury - FX Risk Management, we deliver an accurate Foreign Exchange (FX) forecast to minimize the cost of hedging strategies. We thrive to cover emerging risks with robust operational processes.

We are committed to providing simplification and automation of the FX process."


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Controlling SG&A


“At BEST Controlling, we provide accurate simulations and relevant intelligence beyond figures, as well as visibility on risks and opportunities to enable sound business decisions on operating expenses.

We are advisors to the business, combining in-depth expertise and financial insights, leveraging leading-edge technologies and critical thinking to accelerate transformation through simplification, standardisation and new ways of working.”



Employees hired




Service Lines

BEST Mission Statement




At BEST we create and deliver value  by providing Accounting, Financial Controlling and Treasury services  to all L’Oréal Countries through a global network of shared specialized units enabling our Clients to focus on their core business

We are a team of Business Partners and Guardians of the rulesleveraging expertise and data to provide insights, to find the BEST solution.

We strive for operational excellence, embracing digital innovation and process simplificationwhile learning and growing our skills.” 

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