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Gregory Recoing

General Manager L’Oréal Consumer Products Switzerland

A french 36 years old is father of 3 daughters of which 2 Twins. He studied in France at Kedge Business School and London University of Westminster. A l´Oreal baby who worked in 4 different countries: he started as an intern at the DMI, worked in France as product manager for Elseve, then back at the DMI as Project Manager on L'Oreal Paris.

Sent on a 1st expat to Brazil to take in charge the product development HUB for L'Oreal Paris DMI in Latin America, he then moved to Mexico as Marketing Director Garnier, the 1st beauty brand on the Mexican market and after that, back to France on a sales assignment assisting the GM of Garnier Maybelline.

In 2016, he became general manager of l´Oreal Paris in Spain, the biggest brand of the beauty market. Since a year now he was in charge of a transformation program: the roll out of Marketing 3.0 globally for CPD.

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