Our serum packaging line

My name is Maritza DeJesus and I've been working in L'Oréal for more than 25 years. 
I'm a Machine Operator. 
I do my quality checks every hour to make sure the customer gets a good quality product. 

My name's Courtney Poorman. I'm the SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality) CI 
or Continuous Improvement Engineer for Packaging. 
I have been working to optimize our dropper lines. 
Specifically, I've been working on minimizing our changeover time to create more units and keep the line running. 
Here in this line, we have Automatic Checking Devices. 
It's very important because it's looking for any kind of missing product that's supposed to be there and it's not. 
For example, we have the one checking for missing or broken droppers. 
We have also the one for weight filling to check for the low weight. 
Also, we have the seal, make sure that each bottle have around the bottle. 
Every machine is automated. We have everything between just a normal machine and robots helping to pack the product, but we do have operators who run hourly checks. 
They're manually loading the components and removing pallets as they need to. 
It's important to have an operator on the line because we look at the product as a customer to make sure that it's a good quality. 

We check to make sure that the dropper top is tight enough so there's no leakage. 
We check to make sure that cartons are not damaged. 
Everything we're doing in these quality checks is to make sure the consumer is getting the quality product that they are expecting to get. 

We do a very good job in the hygiene so the customer can get the best product. 
I really, really love what I do. I really enjoy to go to the stores and see what we do here. 
And I can tell my daughter and my family, "This is what we do in L'Oréal." 
What I love most about my job is the people and the atmosphere here. 
I love coming to work every day and spending the day with these people. 
They're so knowledgeable and fun to be around. 
And I just like being in a plant too. 

It's really upbeat. 
There's always something new to solve and it's a good way to spend my work week.