The Benefits of Vichy Thermal Water

For over ten thousand years, water has been filtering through the volcanic rocks in the Auvergne region. it lives 4,000 metres undergournd and resurfaces through natural fault lines. During its journey to the surface, it loads up with minerals like copper and manganese as well as sodium bicarbonate. Two thousand years ago, the Romans would bathe in this mineral water, and they even drank it, as the minerals it contained helped cure digestive conditions. It was in fact, Napoléon III who popularized spa therapy. The very high minerals in Vichy water give it strong antioxidant properties that help the body to fight attacks from the outside, especially on the skin. It has also impressive hydrating properties. This is what makes it the perfect raw material for skincare products. L'Oréal decided to build its plant as close to the source as possible for practical reasons as it reduced transport times, but also, because once the water has been extracted, it must be used very quickly in order to get maximum benefit from its properties. This is why it is extracted every day and only remains in the tanks for a few hours before being used in our products.