#Faceawoman Blanca Juti

Chief Corporate Affairs and Engagement Officer

Anthropologist by training, with a Ph.D. from Cambridge University, Blanca Juti started her corporate career after 5 years working as the Cultural Attach é for the Mexican Embassy in Finland. With leadership experience in emerging markets (Brazil, China , India), and having worked in many different countries around the world, she truly has an international profile and cumulates over 25 years experience working in consumer facing industries in the technology, entertainment and food & beverage sectors.

When Blanca Juti looks at herself, she sees a hard-working woman who is also a mother and a daughter trying to do her best. Too often women are underestimated, and she wishes it weren’t so, because women have so much to offer. If more women were granted more opportunities the world would be safer, healthier, and richer place.