#Faceawoman Ersi Pirishi

President - Latin America zone

With a background in Skin Biology and Cosmetology, Ersi Pirishi joined L’Oreal in 2001 after 10 years in the cosmetic industry. In her 20+-year career at L’Oréal, the French-Cypriot national has held many key positions such as Active Cosmetics Zone Director in charge of North and Latin America, General Manager of L’Oreal Greece, or Deputy General Manager worldwide of the Active Cosmetics International Division. In 2021, Ersi Pirishi joined the L’Oreal Executive committee, taking on the management of the Latin American zone.

Ersi Pirishi might have needed time and courage in the past to make her voice heard in a mostly male environment, but today she has overcome these barriers and carved her own space. For her, each person has a different way of expressing themselves. “Behind every face there is a story,” she says.