Discover how the Extraordinary Oil of L'Oréal Paris is made ?

Steven Clary – Packaging operator

Today, I am packaging this extraordinary oil. The different stages in the process are, first of all, filling the container with a bottle sorter, and the bottles are directed to the godets by a central cross.

Then we have an unloader for glass bottles. The palettes are inserted into the machine and two robots intervene to put them in the godet before they are filled by the next machine.

Next comes the labelling process. These bottles are heading towards the labelling machine. We will put a label on the front and on the back. Then we tag them with a laser. We put the batch number on them by laser which ensures traceability.

The bottles get to the filler with their batch number and then they are filled. After filling, we have a system to insert dispenser pumps in the same machine that screws pumps onto the bottles.

Then the bottles are transferred into a system with three cameras where we can check the pump, to make sure it is screwed in properly. After we check the pumps, we have a robot that takes six bottles at a time and puts them in a carton.

After they are placed in cartons, they go to the carton labelling machine. Then, they are transferred on to palettes by a robot that loads the palette. I am very proud to produce items like this high-end oil.