Celebrate with Karoleyne the beauty of finding the right path for yourself: she’s an HR intern at L’Oréal while continuing to be an artist. Her story isn’t just about “finding a job”; it’s about discovering a strong community. Karoleyne was going through a hard time following the pandemic and Olivia took a chance on her, selecting her for the L’Oréal for Youth “DiversiFICA” program, despite her lack of “qualifications”. Her mentor, Renato, with whom she shared a similar background, expanded her horizons. Then, Dina trusted her to join the HR team, and her manager, Giovanna, created a safe space for her to grow. Karoleyne now looks to the future with hope and excitement, thanks to their support.

Karoleyne’s story emphasizes the power of community and support, proving that “When there’s a will, there’s a WE