Our initiatives to improve our environmental footprint

I'm Nicole Siviy, Environmental Manager here at Piscataway for the last five years. 
With our L'Oréal for the Future sustainability commitments, we are working to combat climate change, biodiversity loss and other environmental impacts. 

In line with our commitments to climate, L'Oréal USA reached a major milestone in 2021. 
We achieved carbon neutrality for our onsite energy consumption here at Piscataway as well as all 25 US sites. 
We achieved this through improving our energy efficiency and transitioning to 100% renewable energy. 
Here at Piscataway, we have over 9,000 panels which provide more than 25% of our electricity needs for the site. 
We are also committed to improving the quality of the natural life in the areas we operate in. 
One of our sustainability goals focuses on the impact of our production sites on biodiversity, which is all types of life that are found in nature. 

We have a goal to increase our native plant and animal populations at our sites by 2030.  
First, we had to develop a baseline inventory of each site's flora and fauna. 
We completed a biodiversity inventory at our site in 2021 and found more than 190 species of flora and fauna at Piscataway. 
Next we'll work on a conservation management plan with the aim to improve our site ecosystem and increase our biodiversity in the next 10 years. 
One animal species that requires our urgent attention is the hardworking honeybee. 

Honeybees help to pollinate one third of our food here in the US, but unfortunately their populations have been declining rapidly in the last few decades. 
The honeybees from Piscataway's two hives can travel up to five miles from our site, helping to pollinate residential gardens and local farms. 

Our hives help counteract the losses bees are experiencing, further supporting our L’Oreal for the Future commitments to respect biodiversity and contribute to the recovery of nature. 
The Piscataway team is proud of our sustainability achievements and will continue to further reduce our impact not only at our facility, but within our extended ecosystem. 

We're committed to doing our part to help the planet stay beautiful.