How hygiene and sustainability go hand in hand

My name is Mary Ottelien, I'm the Plant Hygienist, and I've been with L’Oréal for almost three years. 
In the washroom, we clean and sanitize any of our smaller parts. 
So over in the mobile bays over there, we'll clean and sanitize our mobile kettles. 

And then behind me, we have our bucket, drum, hose, and piston washers. 
We use steam rather than chemicals to clean and disinfect the majority of our equipment. 
This ensures that we’re able to produce clean and safe products. 

The automation is really important because it means we're able to repeat and then able to validate these processes. 
So it's really important that after sanitization, all of our equipment is inspected to ensure it's cleaned, 
and then we tag it so that we're respecting all of our sanitization rules. 

Here, we go above and beyond by monitoring not only our production numbers, but we also monitor our waste and our cleaning and our water usage numbers. 

Hygiene and sustainability truly go hand in hand. 
In order to really create a sustainable product, we must first maintain the hygiene. 
We don't want to only use our vessels and our containers for one time. 

We want to be able to create a process where we can clean them and be able to reuse them. 
We train employees on the basics of microbiology.  
We then will train them on a yearly basis to remind people. 

And then monthly, we will do smaller reminders so that everybody is constantly thinking of hygiene.