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As a leader in e-commerce beauty, CREATEURS DE BEAUTE.COM offers women, wherever they are, cosmetics innovative and latest trends, signed by talented creators.

Created in 1987, CREATEURS DE BEAUTE.COM, a leader in e-commerce beauty, was launched as part of an innovative concept: provide women, wherever they are, innovative cosmetics and access to the latest trends, from talented creators. agnès b. offers customizable makeup and a men’s skincare line, Cosmence makes available the best products stemming from scientific research and Jean-Marc Maniatis makes our lives easier with his haircare line. Fifi Chachnil boasts a feminine and frivolous world of fragrances and Christophe Felder introduces us to gourmet cosmetics. We cannot forget the hi-tech products offered by Professeur Christine Poelman, the beauty routines prescribed by Ida Delam, nor Le Clos des Oliviers, a range of cosmetic products with olive oil from the Mas de la Dame.

L’Embellisseur Abricot and Rouge b. Perfect !, Color e shampoo, Bust Up Tenseur or the Stick Correcteur… many of these legendary products have transformed the lives of women and demonstrate the rich variety of this creative concept !


Consumer Products Division

The Consumer Products Division brands are distributed in retail channels.