Italia : Towards Eco-designed Pos Adversiting

In order to improve the environmental impact of its point-of-sale (POS) advertising materials, L’Oréal has developed an eco-design approach.

It has established 14 “golden rules” covering the entire lifecycle of POS materials (including FSC-certified or recycled materials, optimising quantities and volumes, flat-packed deliveries to optimise transport, prioritising reusable options, etc.) and which all the Group’s POS suppliers must respect.

In order to facilitate the implementation of these rules, the Group organised a competition in Western Europe. In Italy, Vichy took action through its Christmas promotional events, using 100% eco-designed and reusable gift boxes and POS materials. In 2017, the quantity of paper and cardboard used in Italy for POS advertising dropped by 18% compared to 2016, and 100% of these materials were FSC-certified.

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