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Since 2007, L’Oréal has implemented a responsible packaging policy based on three pillars, known as the “three Rs”: Respect, Reduce and Replace. The Group uses a global, systematic eco-design process, ahead of product design, for the packaging of finished products and also for packaging used during transport. L’Oréal extended this process to include point-of- sale (POS) advertising materials in 2015. It systematically analyses the environmental profile of its packaging in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

Reduce packaging intensity to avoid excessive use of ressources 

To reduce the amount of raw materials we use in our packaging, we are slimming down the size of our packaging, we are reducing the weight of our packaging for the same amountof formula and we are inventing new types of pacaging that use less plastic.

To cut back on the overall quantity of packaging, we are developing a growing number of reusable and refillable products such as refillable bottles and boxes, fragrance fountains and cartridges

Replace high-impact materials with low-impact alternatives

L'Oréal harnesses the power of innovation in packaging design. We've introduced new materials to avoid to virgin plastic. We're replacing plastic derid from fuels with recycled plastic, as in our packaging for some Kérastase and Elvive shampoos, which contains 100% recycled PET. We've swapped plastic for cardboard, as in the Garnier  range of solid shampoo bars.

Recycle by designing packaging that supports a more circular economy

As part of our commitment to responsible packaging innovation, we build strategic partnerships with a range of stakeholders to ensure we have access to the very best technologies and can develop a circular economy.

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