Including The Fight Against Deforestation In The Supplier Selection Process

L’Oréal created a Sustainable Palm Index, which takes into account their commitments and their achievements in terms of knowledge of their own supply chain, sustainable procurement practices and compliance with a “zero deforestation” policy.

All our direct suppliers were evaluated using this new matrix.

This Sustainable Palm Index was made public and available to all companies and business partners in the sector at the beginning of 2017, in order to support efforts made to ensure sustainable palm oil sourcing.

Our Sustainable Palm Index (PDF) is available here.

In addition, all our direct suppliers must sign our Mutual Ethical Commitment Letter, through which they commit to ensuring that human rights standards are respected within their own supply chain, namely no child labor, no forced or bonded labor of any type and safe working and living conditions. All our direct suppliers are assessed on a yearly basis in the light of their commitments, action plans, achievements and level of transparency on humanrights-related matters.

Whenever allegations of non-compliance with Human Rights or with our Zero Deforestation Policy are brought to our attention, we immediately cascade them to all our direct suppliers and ask them to ensure that no such abuses appear in their supply chain, as required by our grievance mechanism, known as our Palm Alert procedure. If they do not comply and immediately implement an appropriate corrective action plan, we terminate our business relationship.

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