L’Oréal Committed To Respecting Biodiversity

In 2023,among the raw materials newly referenced by the Groupe 63% in number were renewable and 23% in number respected green chemistry.

This represents approximayely 1778 ingredients from nearly 345 botanical species sourced in over hundred countries.In 2023, 93% of the biobased ingredients

Prioritising the use of renewable raw materials 

Our product formulators are strongly encouraged to use ingredients that are either:

  • sustainably sourced;
  • or prepared using green chemistry principles, i.e. via processes that reduce the number of chemical synthesis stages as well as solvent, energy consumption and waste.

In 2023, 63% of the raw materials used by L'Oréal (by volume) in its formulas were developed according to green chemistry principles.

All over the world and in partnership with our suppliers, we implement sourcing projects that both respect biodiversity and improve the livelihood and working conditions of the producers. And the Group’s researchers work also on reducing the impact a product has on ecosystems after being used. Regarding formulas, the challenge is to improve their biodegradability and to reduce their water footprint.

The same ambition is implemented regarding the materials used in our packaging. L’Oréal aims to use paper, cardboard and wood sourced from forests that are sustainably managed and preserve biodiversity.And L’Oréal endeavours to replace traditional materials with alternatives from recycled or renewable sources (recycled or biosourced materials).

Reducing the environmental impact of formulas and packaging and using more and more renewable raw materials that are sustainably sourced, enables L’Oréal to act as a responsible company, to respect biodiversity and to have a positive impact on society, but is also a powerful source of innovation (green chemistry, novel ingredients, bio-inspired processes, etc.) and secures a sustainable access to these raw materials.

Signing the Business and Biodiversity Pledge in 2016, L’Oréal acknowledges the importance of ecosystem services for its business and reaffirms its commitment in favour of the respectful and sustainable use of biodiversity, especially along its supply chains.

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