A Network That Is Open To The World

In response to these markets, the group organized its Research and Innovation in an open and collaborative manner, by developing truly international networking.

To be closer to our customers around the world, we strengthened our global presence. It includes 21 research centers worldwide, organized into 7 poles. The European pole integrates the global center for Advanced Research as well as the 3 global centers that define, for each of the 3 lines of business - hair, skin care and make-up - a global strategy and spearhead the portfolio of innovations. These global centers serve as the hub for a network that includes 6 other regional poles in the United States, Japan, China, India, Brazil and South Africa.

The mission of these poles? To adapt the global strategy to the specific features of their markets. But they are also there to invent new products that may inspire global innovations. In addition, 13 evaluation centers are tasked with observing and listening to local consumers. Finally, some sixty scientific and technico-regulatory departments ensure compliance of the products with local regulations.

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