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Imagination – innovation – communication

Imagination – innovation – communication. We want to travel together with everyone who is interested in a journey towards creative excellence, empowering talent and delivering an enhanced, personalized beauty experience. Meet us at our world-class events to share ideas and discuss opportunities.

Focus On We Participate!

 Where can you find us? Where have we been? How well are we fulfilling our mission? See how we challenge students and the entrepreneurs of the future.

Brandstorm: Encourage disruption & innovation

As an industry leader, we organize our own events – always looking to the future. Brandstorm, our “ultimate innovations competition since 1992”, brings together ambitious students from all over the world to focus on complex challenges for our customers and our industry. The output? Innovative products and processes, and a chance for new generations of beauty market entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities which L’Oréal offers.

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Introducing Perso, a 3-in-1 at-home personalized beauty device by L'Oréal