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Discover L’Oréal Brandstorm 2024 mission

What is L'Oréal Brandstorm ?

L’Oréal Brandstorm is L’Oréal’s Group's signature innovation competition for all under 30 and the only certified youth innovation competition* worldwide. Brandstorm is one of L’Oréal’s longest-running programs, dedicated to helping youth kickstart their careers. Thousands of its Alumni have found full time jobs in L’Oréal, including the company’s Chief Web3 and Metaverse Officer Camille Kroely. In 2022 alone, 500 participating youth found their first career opportunities through their participation in Brandstorm.

In partnership with Salesforce, L’Oréal Brandstorm provides online and offline upskilling and coaching for all participants, through teamwork, masterclasses and online resources developed by L’Oréal subject matter experts.


*Certified by EOCCS, the first international quality benchmark for online courses


Discover Brandstorm 2024 Mission 

This edition L’Oréal Brandstorm invites its participants to reinvent the future of professional beauty through tech. Three playing fields to explore: augmented beauty services, the new point of experience and e-commerce of the future! All projects submitted must keep stylists at the heart; be driven by tech, data or gen AI; elevate consumer experience, reach & personalization, and finally, be ethical, inclusive and sustainable by design 

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Brandstorm 2023 Winners 

Brandstorm 2023 winner is Team Caring4Beauty from France, represented by Inès Flammant, Marie Landrevie and Sophie Martinez. The solution they pitched, URMODEL, aims to deliver a hyper-personalized shopping experience by allowing anyone with a mobile phone to see themselves as the model on L’Oréal e-commerce websites. Consumers get a full, augmented beauty experience by being the face of their own beauty aspirations. 

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Discover The 10 finalist teams

Of Brandstorm 2023 edition


The Brandstorm 2023 Winners will embark on an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience, an Intrapreneurship mission in Paris to transform their winning ideas into real L’Oréal projects!

"We got two main learnings from this competition. First, we learnt to approach situations from a holistic point of view. Working with experts from different backgrounds has allowed us to broaden our perspectives & bring different solutions to the table. Second, we learnt how to make a project real. This competition allowed us to better understand the steps & constraints faced during the many phases between the ideation of a product, and the moment it reaches the consumer

(Yumna, Winner Brandstorm 2022, Tech Track, Team Mon Soleil) 

Bringing together 


participants from all over the word since 1992

Bringing together 


registrants from 72 countries in 2023



participants from STEM* background 

*STEM - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics 


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