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Every year, millions of pounds of shrink wrap film are used to wrap delivery pallets in Quebec. At the L'Oréal Canada Distribution Centre, located in Ville Saint-Laurent, thousands of packages on pallets are received or shipped every day, resulting in the use of tens of tons of plastic film on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the composition of this film makes it very difficult to recycle without specialized equipment.

The Carrou-cycle recycling project, developed in collaboration with Carrousel and Polykar, began in 2020 and gives a second life to the shrink wrap used at L'Oréal Canada because it is entirely recycled through a unique process into shipping bags used in order preparation.

This local circular economy project fits perfectly with the objectives of the L'Oréal Group's sustainable development program, L'Oréal for the Future. L'Oréal Canada is proud to be part of the solution to environmental challenges, in collaboration with committed partners. To see the shrink wrap transform into a mailing bag, watch the video here (insert link).

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