L’Oréal Canada launches a Canada-wide coronavirus solidarity program

Montreal, March 25, 2020 - L’Oréal Canada announces the implementation of a solidarity program to support the fight against coronavirus. Following the launch of similar programs by the company’s headquarters in France, as well as in China and the United States, this program aims to support various stakeholders: hospitals and healthcare professionals, who are on the front-line in the fight to curb the spread of coronavirus; hair salons, distributors and suppliers with a micro enterprise or SME status, who are particularly exposed to the economic crisis resulting from this epidemic; and lastly partner non-profit organizations who are committed to combating insecurity, particularly with regards to domestic violence, and who are in need of support now more than ever.

L’Oréal Canada will implement the following measures with immediate effect:

- Solidarity with health authorities: L'Oréal Canada’s factory, located in Ville St. Laurent, will start manufacturing hydro-alcoholic gels and will distribute them free of charge to health professionals, as well as to hospitals, such as CHUM and McGill University Hospital;

- Solidarity with microenterprises and SMEs: L'Oréal Canada will freeze all receivables from hair salons and spas in its distribution network with micro enterprise or SME status until the restart of their activities, and will support them via specific programs in the long term;

- Solidarity with our most fragile suppliers: for the most exposed, L’Oréal Canada will shorten its payment times by systematizing cash settlement;

- Solidarity with the most disadvantaged: L'Oréal Canada has decided to make a donation with a total value of 200,000 Canadian dollars, both in cash and in hygiene products. An employee matching donation program will be set up with a partner association committed to the fight against insecurity, and hygiene products will be donated to associations that support victims of domestic violence.

Frank Kollmar, President & CEO of L’Oréal Canada, explains: "L'Oréal Canada wishes to show solidarity with the Canadian community facing this exceptional crisis situation, and wishes to express its gratitude and support to all those who are taking extraordinary action to fight this pandemic. I believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the collective effort and I am proud to see the mobilization and resilience of my teams who wish to get involved and do their part in this unprecedented struggle. I would also like to acknowledge the exceptional collaboration of Health Canada who greatly supported us in the implementation of these efforts. "

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