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International Day of Women and Girls of Science

L'Oréal Canada was involved on the International Day of Women and Girls of Science, on February 11th, to promote access and full and equitable participation of women and girls in science.

During a special day of gathering and interactive experiences focused on women's science and technology held at the Montreal Science Centre, L'Oréal Canada's Scientific Affairs team and Sabine Daou, an engineer at L'Oréal Canada's manufacturing plant, demonstrated to the 3,600 girls in attendance that careers in science and technology are also for them.

The development of a cosmetic product as seen by science and technology

You may be surprised to learn that science and technology play a key role in the development of a cosmetic product.

This was seen by participants at the L'Oréal Canada booth during a demonstration of the steps required to manufacture a L'Oréal product from factory production to in-store production. An activity through which it was possible to discover the large number of scientific actions required in the marketing of a product.

This day has connected the community of girls in science to the women who have scientific careers at L'Oréal Canada and hopefully, will have inspired them to pursue scientific careers.

Women and girls of science is an event benefiting the Montréal Science Centre Foundation and the money raised through ticket sales has been donated in its entirety to the Foundation, which will reinvest in welcoming disadvantaged clienteles, developing new exhibitions and offering educational programs to special education classes, etc.

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