L'Oréal Canada Strengthens Commitment to Reducing Environmental Impact at World Biodiversity Summit Held in Montreal Alongside COP15


Montreal, 11 December 2022—Earlier today, L’Oréal Canada participated in a roundtable discussion about the responsibility businesses have in protecting and preserving biodiversity.


“We are the world’s leading beauty company, and with leadership comes responsibility. Our approach is twofold—first inside our business, by reducing our impact while respecting planetary boundaries and second, beyond our business, by addressing some of the most pressing environmental challenges through our L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration and our committed brands,” says Maya Colombani, L’Oréal Canada’s Chief Sustainability and Human Rights Officer.


Over the last ten years, the L’Oréal Groupe has undertaken an in-depth transformation to reduce its environmental impact across their entire value chain and has set ambitious, measurable targets for 2030 on climate, water, biodiversity and natural resources. Some of our 2030 targets include:


  • 95% of ingredients in formula will be biobased, derived from abundant minerals or from circular processes. L’Oréal is also ensuring that it sources the ingredients that nature gives us in a way that never harms it;


  • 100% of the bio-based ingredients for formulas and packaging materials will be traceable and will come from sustainable sources;

  • Restoring one million hectares of degraded ecosystems, capturing up to 20 million tons of CO2 emissions and creating hundreds of job opportunities through our L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration.

Furthermore, our Solidarity Sourcing program works with suppliers who employ people from vulnerable communities to allow them to have durable access to work and fair income, and has helped over 89,000 beneficiaries in 61 countries.

At L’Oréal Canada, preserving the beauty of the planet means preserving its biodiversity, a truly amazing source of innovation and the key to the sustainability of our planet.

Canadian Partnership with Re:wild


L’Oréal’s Yves Saint Laurent Beauty brand announced that they have strengthened their commitment to people and the planet with the Canadian launch of REWILD OUR EARTH. This global program, developed in partnership with Re:wild, a world-class NGO that works with 400 conservation partners in 84 countries to advance ecological restoration globally, aims to protect and restore 100,000 hectares of land by 2030 and to safeguard biodiversity in priority areas affected by climate change. In Canada, the focus of this program will be on South Okanagan Grasslands––a key area for biodiversity conservation––in collaboration with a local operating NGO partner, The Nature Trust of British Columbia. This initiative is inscribed within the brand's wider sustainability platform (known as 'Change the Rules, Change the Future') as well as within its long-standing commitment to the Earth, inspired by the legacy of Mr. Saint Laurent. 


“The partnership with Re:wild demonstrates our philosophy that we all need to join forces - the private sector, NGOs, local communities and governments so that we will be able to reach the right level of scale,” concludes Ms. Colombani.


About the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration

We know that reducing our environmental footprint is not enough to fight biodiversity loss: we must also help reverse it. This is why we launched the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration, a 50-million-euro impact investing fund that supports the regeneration of degraded land, mangroves as well the restoration of marine areas and forests.


About L’Oréal Canada

L'Oréal Canada is a subsidiary of the L'Oréal Group, the world's leading beauty company, managing 40 iconic beauty brands. Headquartered in Montreal since its creation in 1958, L'Oréal Canada operates a plant and distribution centre and employs more than 1,450 people from 70 nationalities. Products are available across all distribution channels including hair salons, department stores, mass market, pharmacies, medi-spas, e-commerce and more. L'Oréal Canada's commitment to growth is generated through sustainable innovation and driven by the company's L'Oréal for the Future ambition which demonstrates sustainable development across the Group's value chain. The subsidiary also actively supports the L'Oréal Foundation's programs such as L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science and Beauty For a Better Life.

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