The nominations for the greek l'Oréal-Unesco For Women in Science 2021 awards are open

L’ORÉAL Hellas and the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO announce for the 11th time, 3 Scientific Research Awards for young women scientists, worth € 10,000 each.

This year for the first time, apart from women scientists in the fields of Life Sciences and Natural Sciences, also scientists working on the fields of Mathematics and Computer Science will be able to claim the awards.

October 1st, 2020 - The Greek National L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Awards are part of the L’ORÉAL-UNESCO International Program For Women in Science, which recognizes and supports globally women scientists at every step of their careers.

Having faith in the belief that the world needs science and science needs women, the L'Oréal Foundation, in collaboration with UNESCO, actively support women scientists, with the aim of giving them greater recognition, highlighting their talent and inspiring more women to engage in science. Since the launch of the For Women in Science Program in 1998, the Program has honoured and supported 112 distinguished scientists and more than 3,300 talented young PhD and postdoctoral researchers in over 118 countries.

Globally, only 29% of researchers are women. The glass ceiling remains a reality in the field of scientific research, as men occupy 89% of the highest academic positions in Europe, and only 3% of the Nobel Prizes in Science have been awarded to women.

Staying true to their commitment to empower and support women in science, L'Oréal Hellas and the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO will once again award three prizes to women scientists working in the field of Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science in Greece.

The Greek L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Awards were established in our country in 2006 and have awarded 29 Greek Researchers to date

The Greek Awards are given to women Greek Scientists, up to 40 years old, who own doctoral degrees and are engaged in Scientific Research in the fields of Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Applicants must be active in Universities or Research Institutions in Greece.

For the detailed participation terms for the Greek 2021 L’ORÉAL-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards, visit the site

Applications are submitted only electronically, through the website until December 15, 2020

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