L'Oréal Hong Kong donates HKD250,000 to local NGO in supporting the working poor

[Hong Kong, 13 October 2021]

In Hong Kong, half a million people live under the Government’s poverty line despite having a job. This working poor community has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic over the past year.

In line with the Group’s commitment to help address pressing social and environmental challenges, L’Oréal Hong Kong recently organized its first online charity sale to raise funds for the working poor community. As a result, a total of HKD250,000 was donated to “Make It Work Hong Kong”, a local NGO dedicated to supporting this vulnerable community in Hong Kong by providing them with tools to improve well-being and livelihood. The funds will be used for vocational training and job matching to support those who struggle to make a living despite being employed.

Speaking about the initiative, Eva Yu, President and Managing Director of L’Oréal Hong Kong, said, “The pandemic has disproportionately impacted the underprivileged communities, especially the working poor who suffered from job loss and reduced family income. We feel a deep responsibility to help them through difficult times so they can have better living.”

Anita Leung, General Secretary of “Make It Work Hong Kong”, said, “We are very thankful for L’Oréal Hong Kong’s kind donation which we will use to provide the much-needed support to the working poor who are often neglected. L’Oréal has set a great example in how corporates can play a key part in addressing pressing social challenges.


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