Maybelline New York’s dedicated Ramadan web series “Ramadan Stars with Noor Stars” is the winner of YouTube’s The Lantern Award 2019

A star is born in the digital world

Maybelline New York Middle East’s dedicated Ramadan web series, “Ramadan Stars with Noor Stars” has won YouTube’s The Lantern Award 2019. It is the first-ever CPG brand to win the award.

Serving the Middle East’s digital-savvy consumer, the weekly web series showcased five-to-ten-minute-long YouTube videos starring famous regional YouTube creators chatting about makeup, trends, and fashion.

Many factors have contributed to the success of Maybelline New York “Makyaj wa Banat” series such as the adaptation of the latest trends and the interaction with audience through messaging and competitions. In addition to hosting the top YouTuber creators in the region who crafted authentic and non-scripted content that resonated with the audience while keeping the beauty products at the core of the show.

In Ramadan 2019, d “Ramadan Stars with Noor Stars” (450K subscribers) or “Nojoom Ramadan ma’a Noor Stars” in Arabic, was a major hit, with views already equal to 44 years and 146 days of watch time. That is 6.4M views, out of which 64% have been organic. YouTube comments also revealed impressive audience engagement, with over 250K comments on the Ramadan series alone. The new web series helped Maybelline New York elevate its subscriber strategy, with over 100K subscribing to the Maybelline New York Middle East channel in 4 weeks.

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