Garnier reveals its next green beauty milestone

The global beauty brand launches educational campaign set to help all of us take one green step and to empower 250 million people to live greener

  • A global survey revealed that although 81% of people want to be more sustainable, less than 6% have taken day-to-day action to protect the planet*.
  • A new series, produced by National Geographic CreativeWorks and featuring National Geographic Explorers, aims to share expert knowledge & real-world advice on key sustainability topics, related to the beauty industry.
  • The series will premiere at Expo 2020 Dubai and will roll out worldwide. 
Garnier revealed its next Green Beauty milestone at the Expo 2020 Dubai as the brand launched an educational campaign dedicated to sustainable consumption.

With content produced by National Geographic CreativeWorks, Garnier gives consumers access to expert knowledge and real-world advice. This is a first step in a new commitment, from Garnier, which aims to encourage and empower 250 million people to live greener on the planet, by 2025.

To realise the full power of Green Beauty, Garnier wants to encourage consumers to take green steps too. Sustainability can be an intimidating topic and our aim is to make it truly accessible – we’ve done that with the products we create, from solid shampoo with fast rinse technology, cardboard integrated tubes and refillable products - but we want to go further. Through the work of National Geographic CreativeWorks, we aim to give our consumers access to top experts and their advice for living greener everyday.Adrien Koskas, Garnier Global President

This new commitment from Garnier is the latest in a series of ambitious 2025 targets set to reduce the environmental impact of the brand’s entire value chain. Garnier will continue its ambitious sustainable transformation but knowing that 80% of a shampoo’s carbon footprint comes from being used in the home**, it is clear that empowering consumers to understand how they can take action is critical too. 

In the first step of this commitment, Garnier has worked with National Geographic Explorers Rosa Vasquez & Imogen Napper to bring expert knowledge and real-world advice to consumers, inspiring the everyday changes that can make a real difference, and tackle the important question - Can Beauty Go Green? 

We are proud to work with Garnier and help bring this latest Green Beauty commitment to life. Bringing the passion and storytelling talent of National Geographic’s Explorers to help tell Garnier’s stories, while inviting people to understand their own impact on the world and imagine new possibilities is what we do best at National Geographic CreativeWorks” Nadine Heggie, VP Brand Partnerships at National Geographic 

The accessible, educational content covers key sustainability topics, related to beauty. Subjects such as plastic & packaging, water usage & green sciences are explained, and practical advice shared all with the aim of making sustainability accessible and empowering people to take #OneGreenStep in their day to day lives. 

The first piece of educational content is on with more episodes to be revealed soon. 
*Source: Garnier Sustainability Research 2021
** Based on a Life Cycle Analysis conducted on Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo 
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