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L'Oréal Group

L’Oréal Paris reaffirms its commitment to empowering women around the world & unveils a new concept beauty store at expo 2020 Dubai

L’Oréal Paris will be showcasing to visitors its corporate social responsibility commitments as well as its new beauty and products innovations at Expo 2020 Dubai from the 1st of October 2021 to the 31st of March, 2022. The brand will continue the global implementation of its Stand Up Against Street Harassment program by organizing 3 live events aimed at educating and training people on what they can do when witnessing or experiencing street harassment, as well as raising awareness on the topic.
L'Oréal Group


Kiehl’s opened its temporary boutique on October 1st at the Expo 2020 Dubai. Located in the Jubilee Park, Kiehl’s boutique is an ode to sustainability, innovation, and service; a true celebration of the Expo 2020 Dubai values.
L'Oréal Group


L’Oréal has exclusively sponsored the “Notre-Dame de Paris, the Experience” at Expo 2020 Dubai, an augmented exhibition that shares a virtual immersion into the history of the cathedral produced by the French start-up, Histovery.
L'Oréal Group

Garnier revealed its next Green Beauty milestone at the Expo 2020 Dubai as the brand launched an educational campaign dedicated to sustainable consumption.

With content produced by National Geographic CreativeWorks, Garnier gives consumers access to expert knowledge and real-world advice. This is a first step in a new commitment, from Garnier, which aims to encourage and empower 250 million people to live greener on the planet, by 2025.
L'Oréal Group

L'Oréal’s Professional Products Division launches its “Hairstylists for the Future by L’Oréal” programme at Expo 2020 Dubai

L'Oréal, historic partner of hairstylists for more than 110 years, has gone further in its sustainable commitments towards the industry, and announced its next steps in ensuring a strong and prosperous future for the profession.
L'Oréal Group | Science & Technology

L'Oréal Groupe: L’Oréal Unveils its Vision for the Future of Beauty at Expo 2020 Dubai

As the official Beauty Partner, L’Oréal joins the Expo 2020 Dubai, to share its vision of the future of beauty.
L'Oréal Group | Commitments

L’Oréal Fund for Women pledges AED1.24 million to Shamsaha to support women in the GCC

As part of L’Oréal’s ongoing efforts and commitment to support women’s rights, L’Oréal Fund For Women has pledged AED1.24 million to Shamsaha, a non-profit corporation based in Bahrain, to support its mission in protecting, advocating and empowering women in the GCC.
L'Oréal Group | Brands

L’Oréal Paris Names the Iconic Megastar Mona Zaki as the New Spokesperson in the MENA Region

L’Oréal Paris announced the latest addition to its Family, Superstar Actress Mona Zaki as the new spokesperson in the MENA Region. Mona is a successful Egyptian Actress having started her career at the age of 16 with a role in “Bel Araby Elfaseh” under the well-known Actor and Director Mohamed Sobhy. She has portrayed many diversified roles throughout her career, showcasing her exceptional talent, while working alongside the region’s top actors and directors in over 60 movies and series.
L'Oréal Group

L'Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Fellowships – 2020 Climate Edition (Middle-East)

This direction comes as a response to the pressing importance of climate action both globally and locally. Five For Women in Science Fellowships worth $25,000 will be awarded – four for Australia and one for New Zealand. This Fellowship will award outstanding female researchers contributing to issues associated with climate change. Issues may include things such as: warning systems, infrastructure, improving dry-land agriculture, water, energy transition, nature-based solutions, resilience and adaptation, climate finance and carbon pricing.